The Magical Rollerblading Cum-Glazed Fairy

Run Time: 18 minutes

Mistaking the ever beautiful Twigget for a magical fairy on roller blades, Trevor chases her down and asks for a blow job! Still in her wedding costume, short-stacked charmer, Twigget yanks out his pecker and blows him right then and there in his office! Trevor's cock looks fucking gigantic in her tiny hands and even bigger when he starts banging her face. Hoisting her up in the air, Trevor drills her midget twat like a demon pile-driver from hell. No mercy baby. Twigget even takes the entire prick in doggy-style while getting slapped on her chunky bum! Cum-glazed midget!

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Zarina Seduced by Two Oompa Loompahs!

Run Time: 19 minutes

In this surreal midget movie, we follow hot-as-fuck euro import, Zarina as she's chased around by oompa loompahs with bright green neon hair and perplexing sex riddles. Succumbing to their charms, she gobbles down their cocks one by one on the living room. But these little gremlins don't shut the fuck up and keep it up with the nonsensical one-liners. These little bastards quickly get her to shimmy out of her tight miniskirt, one midget already snacking on her muff while the other face-fucks her straight away! Then, she impales herself on top cowgirl style, getting pumped like gas. She jerks them off right into her mouth!

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Red-headed Midget Bride Spunked in Her Eyes

Run Time: 22 minutes

Midget couple Napolean and Twigget have one final fuck session before Napolean goes off for the races. Twigget would make any man, midget or otherwise, just as fucking rock-hard in that sexy wedding dress of hers. When it comes off, she's sporting some very impressive titties for a midget fuck princess, complete with a shiny tiara! She slobs on his knob while looking up at him adoringly. Jesus, that cock looks positively ginormous in her midget digits. When Napolean's ready to bone, Twigget straddles him and fucks herself viciously off his midget cock. Her juicy buns are mesmerizing to look at. Watch her take him doggy-style and almost get splooged in the eyeball! Classic!

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Big Ginger Tits Bitch Nailed By Dwarf Skater

Run Time: 19 minutes

Impressed by little Romeo's totally bitchin' skateboarding moves, stacked ginger queen, Alexandra Quinn can't help but wonder what it'd feel like to bump and grind with a midget! He takes her back to the bungalow, where he undoes her lingerie and gets right to work at eating out her juicy twat. He nibbles on her clit for a good ten minutes and makes her beg for his dick. Little Romeo only has to stand up on the bed and feed her his weenie. She swallows him whole and works that cock with her tongue ring! You gotta see this zany shit, especially when Alexandra rides him cowgirl, slamming herself roughly on his dwarfish donger, massive tits jiggling!

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Black Hottie Nikki Banged By Midget Dick!

Run Time: 24 minutes

There is an incredulous expression on the face of black prostitute Nikki Vonn when she sees her latest customer. She turns up for the fuck wearing an extremely tarty outfit including a mesh purple top and knee high stockings. All of a sudden a tiny little man in a ridiculous bumblebee costume comes running through the door, launching himself at her on the bed! Nikki's jaw drops in amazement, so the midget takes advantage of her open mouth by guiding her face down towards his full-sized cock. Nikki ends up getting laid out and slammed on the bed by the chunky midget, who can still pump a pussy pretty good despite his small stature.

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